The Polat Erzurum Resort Hotel is placed right in the middle of mother nature where surrounded by 5 different  fields which as high as 2200 meters from the main surface so this is why it  is perfectly right for exercise camping. Those fields which owned by the muncipality but they all rented to our property and all of those fields are only 1.5 km. far from the hotel. We offer high quality illumination, locker rooms, shower cabins, refee rooms, cafeterias and spectator stands with in the fields. As well as we provide high class  of service to football teams which deserve international service perception.This place is irresistible and indispensable alternative for summer time.

The one of the magnificent city of Turkey is Erzurum and its beauty is much better during spring and summer time.

As the Weather gets warm in Erzurum, it is best time to see the nature which is unspoiled and as virgin as The Amazon Forests. Although there are several attractions to do in Erzurum but the rafting on the river Çoruh take you away and making you feel a burst of energy. If you like to take a long walk, the hiking in the area of Yedigöller make you experience beyond the joy, if it isn’t enough to make you excited, you don’t want to miss the waterfall Totum, as known one of the biggest waterfall of the world.

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